Counseling Clinics of La Jolla

Welcome to the Counseling Clinics of La Jolla

We are a consortium of private practitioners in mental health.The Counseling Clinics of La Jolla (CCLJ) is a facility which offers licensed mental health professionals a setting where they may conduct their private practices in a professional and clinically appropriate environment.
CCLJ does not employ the therapists/clinicians who utilize this facility. All patient care and record keeping is conducted solely by the clinician/therapist. Logistical support services such as reception, phone services, fee collection, and physical accommodations are provided by CCLJ.


We are located at 1150 Silverado Street in La Jolla,CA 92037. Our facility is easily accessible by public transport (The #30 bus stops within 150 feet of our front door), and is surrounded by 2 hour open public parking. Validated parking is available, and can be arranged through the attending clinician.

Several clinical specialty areas are offered by the clinicians at CCLJ. Please look at the SERVICES tab to explore the specialty areas of the clinicians who are members of our private practice consortium. If you are interested in a therapist or any of the programs, please feel free to call us! (858) 222-8800 for more information, or email us today

A Client centric approach to therapy

The Counseling Clinics of La Jolla was designed to provide an enhanced therapeutic experience to all clients stepping through our doors. Amenities you can expect at our facilities include everything from beverage service, to validated parking, to complimentary childcare. The Counseling Clinics of La Jolla is easily accessible by public transit (Bus Route 30), and is surrounded by free, 2-hour public parking. Validated parking is available, and can be easily arranged through each clinician. The clinicians at CCLJ are each independent, individually licensed and insured in their respective fields. Fields of speciality include, Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment, Art Therapy, Addiction Counseling, Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Child Therapy, Divorce Mediation, Opiate Detoxification, Pain Management, and others. Because of the diversity of the expertise shared amongst the clinicians, clients can be assured they are receiving the "best fit" when they select a clinician from our Consortium members.

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